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Know the enemy! Know their strange toys!


Scientific research of any unknown exotic technology is possible via two specialized categories, Biochemistry and Quantum Physics.

  • Biochemistry deals with things alive and dead.
  • Quantum Physics deals with weapons and crafts.


Knowledge is acquired by technical personel studying within their relevant science laboratory. Expanding the quantity of laboratories and increasing the quantity and quality of scientists will allow X-Com to research more complicated exotics sooner, and with the acquired knowledge, defeat the alien menace.


Technical personel may be hired with an education level of average to gifted. The better the skill of the scientist, the faster the research project will be completed.

  • Hire cost = $800
  • Weekly wages = $800, $41,600pa
  • Minimum skill = 60
  • Maximum skill = 100

The total quantity of Biochemists or Quantum Physicists across all bases at any one time is fifty each. If it is reduced for any reason, more will become available to be hired.


A science facility in any base can be assigned to any project available relevant to their discipline but some projects require an exotic item to be recovered which can only commence in the base which contains the object or lifeform. Projects which have been started in one base may be swapped to another base but only one laboratory can proceed with study. It is not possible for two laboratories to work on the same project.

Technology Level

  • If X-Com is somehow managing in holding back the invasion of Mega-Primus, the aliens will develop better things to advance their agenda.

Technology Race

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