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This section provides tools, links and other knick knacks to assist existing authors. It's rather sparse at the moment.



Templates are pages that are built to be included into other pages. This section catlogues the templates used on the X-Com wiki.

Current Available Templates

Shared Pages

{{Tracked Tank Stats}} 

Tracked tank stats inserts a table with all the common shared stats used by the tracked tank chassis.

{{Hover Tank Stats}}

Hover Tank Stats is identical in function to Tracked Tank Stats, but lists information about the Hover Tank chassis.

For examples, refer to Heavy Weapons Platforms

{{Aliens (TFTD)}}

One table with links to all the USOs and similar one for alien species, Wikipedia-style. Coming soon: the same for UFO:EU UFOs and alien species.

Format Templates

{{Specs Table}} 


cellpadding = "4" style = "border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px gray solid;"

Specs Table is used to change the style of the tables used to list specificiations for weapons, machines or personnel.

{{Spec Table Heading}}


style = "background: gray; color:white;"

Specs Table Heading is used mainly with Spec Table to generate a heading line. Use it on the current cell or the entire row.


{| {{Specs Table}}
|- {{Specs Table Heading}} 
| The Heading
| The Contents


The Heading
The Contents