Rotary Plasma Cannon (Bureau)

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A call to the Heavy Plasma Cannon of other XCOM games, this plasma 'Gatling Gun' has a massive rate of fire, a large ammo capacity, and is devastating to heavy and close targets. It's also got a hell of a recoil. It also has a small warm up time before firing, so this gun is not meant for on-the-go firing. On occasion, high-ranking Outsiders will carry this into battle.

In practice, the Rotary Plasma Cannon is more bark than bite. While the weapon spins up Carter is exposed to enemy fire, and the weapon becomes increasingly difficult to hold steady as it fires. Releasing the fire button to improve aim means you have to spin up again, and many heavy enemies will require unloading the greater part of a clip or more. These issues leave you extremely vulnerable while getting limited use out of the Rotary Plasma Cannon, making it a novelty best left at home.

The Rotary Plasma Cannon has okay general purpose use and plenty of ammo to take down Mutons/Sectopods/Gunships. However, agents who struggle against heavy targets are far better off taking the Blaster Launcher.

  • Clip/Carry: 150/450
  • Gunner Pack: 194/585

It can be first acquired near the ends of the Minor Operations after the Axis mission. It is the final weapon for your Commandos.