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This file is present in any save.

There are 8 values. 7 of these are made of 2 bytes each, and the
other is a string value made up of 26 bytes. Total of 40 bytes.


0-1 0x00-0x01 Ignore this if the file is not in the missdat folder. If 0, then this is a savegame made on the beginning of a new battlescape game. If 1, then check DIRECT.DAT to see where which save slot to load from.
2-27 0x02-0x1D This a 26 byte null terminated string, which details the name of the save file. The name may be 25 characters long; the final byte is always of value 0. A 0 also marks the end of the save name, should it not use all 25 characters.
28-29 0x1C-0x1D The current year.
30-31 0x1E-0x1F The current month. Note that 0 is January.
32-33 0x20-0x21 The current day of the month.
34-35 0x22-0x23 The current hour (24 hour time).
36-37 0x24-0x25 The current minute.
38-39 0x26-0x27 0 for geoscape save, 1 for tactical save.

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