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These high-powered robotic units can unleash devastating frontline attacks or absorb incoming fire and protect the squad.

Class Overview

The SPARK is the spiritual successor to the S.H.I.V. and MEC Troopers of Long War 1. Fully robotic, yet able to level up like normal soldiers, and expensive to produce. To build SPARKs, you need to have completed the Shen's Last Gift DLC missions or the Mechanized Warfare project.

SPARKs have their own armor and weapons, and they do not have utility slots like regular soldiers. Instead they have a single Heavy Weapon slot which by default contains the Shredder Gun. After researching appropriate projects, this can be swapped out for the improved Shredstorm Cannon or a Plasma Blaster.

SPARKs are more expensive for infiltration. They also can't become Haven advisors, Officers, or train abilities in the AWC.


Primary: SPARK Rifles

Secondary: SPARK BIT

The SPARK BIT has the ability to remotely hack targets just like the Specialist's GREMLIN.


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Rank Ability
XCOM2 rank squire.png
* A recoil penalty of 15% Aim is applied after each Standard Shot while Overdrive is active. * Overdrive has no cost to activate, but has a 4 turn cooldown.
Take three actions this turn, and no action is turn-ending. Multiple Standard Shots incur a small recoil penalty.
The BIT can equip and fire heavy weapons.
Mechanical Chassis
This unit is immune to fire and poison damage.
* Map items (chests, workstations, etc.) can be hacked from a distance using the GREMLIN.
Attempt to remotely breach security on a network access point with your GREMLIN.
Future Combat War Machine
XCOM2 rank aspirant.png
Adaptive Aim
* Adaptive Aim eliminates the 15% Aim penalty for consecutive Standard Shots when Overdrive is active.
When Overdrive is active, Standard Shots do not incur recoil penalties.
* Formidable reduces explosive damage taken by 50%. * It grants two points of Ablative HP
Your gear includes an extra layer of protection, granting two extra points of Ablative HP and 50% less damage from explosive attacks.
Combat Awareness
* Gain 15 defense and an armor point when in overwatch.
Grants 15 defense and an armor point when in overwatch.
XCOM2 rank knight.png
* Rainmaker adds +2 damage to all heavy weapons. * Heavy weapons with circular areas of effect have their radius increased by +2. * Heavy weapons with conic areas of effect have their diameter increased by +2 and length increased by +2.
Equipped heavy weapons deal +2 damage and have increased area of effect.
Body Shield
* A targeted enemy receives -20 aim and -50 critical chance against the soldier.
A targeted enemy receives -20 aim and -50 critical chance against the soldier.
* A successful shot with a conventional weapon will shred 1 armor from the target. * More advanced weapons will shred more armor from targets.
Your primary weapon attacks shred armor.
XCOM2 rank cavalier.png
* You can trigger the Strike ability by placing the movement cursor over an enemy. * A SPARK can perform a "Dash" move, using both actions to move, and still trigger a strike against an adjacent enemy.
Attack any enemy within movement range with a powerful melee attack.
* Bulwark adds one point of Armor. * Any squadmate standing adjacent to the SPARK will gain the high cover Defense bonus.
Gain a bonus point of Armor, and always provide high cover to all adjacent squadmates.
Holo Targeting
* Directed cannon-specific abilities, like Suppression, will grant Holo Targeting. * Any cannon abilities that target multiple units will not grant Holo Targeting.
Holotarget your enemy to grant an aim bonus to all attacks on this target by you and your allies for the remainder of the turn.
XCOM2 rank vanguard.png
* Intimidate's chance to panic the attacker increases with higher tier SPARK armors. * Intimidate can be triggered by melee and area of effect attacks. * Intimidate will not trigger when targeted by Overwatch fire.
When targeted by an attack, the enemy has a chance to panic.
* Repair will restore 6 health. * Upgrading your BIT will lead to more HP repaired. * Using Repair as your first action will not end your turn. * Repair has 2 charges per mission.
Send the BIT to a damage robotic ally and repair it. Advanced BITs can repair slightly more.
* There are no limits to how many Overwatch shots can be taken with the Guardian ability, outside of ammunition and viable targets.
With every successful Overwatch shot, there is a 50% chance that another shot will be taken.
XCOM2 rank paladin.png
* Bombard can be fired at any location within squadsight. * Upgrading your BIT will lead to more Bombard damage.
Launch the BIT to any visible location where it releases a powerful explosive blast. Advanced BITs do more damage.
Channeling Field
* Each point of energy channeled by Channeling Field increases the damage of the next primary weapon attack by 1. * The energy stored by channeling field is expended even if the next shot misses.
Every time you are targeted, part of the energy is channeled to your primary weapon. This energy is unleashed with your next Standard Shot.
Cool Under Pressure
* You gain +10 Aim on Overwatch and other reaction shots, and they can critically hit.
You gain +10 Aim on Overwatch and other reaction shots, and they can critically hit.
XCOM2 rank champion.png
Wrecking Ball
* Wrecking Ball can be used to expose enemies to flanking shots. * Use movement waypoints to guide the SPARK on an optimal path for destroying cover and the environment.
While Overdrive is active, break through walls and cover when moving.
Damage Control
* Your armor hardens temporarily after an impact. After taking damage, gain two armor through the end of the next turn. * Taking multiple hits on successive turns extends the timer.
After taking damage, gain two armor through the end of the next turn.
* Nova has no action point cost and no cooldown. * The first Nova attack each mission will deal 0 damage to the SPARK. * All Nova attacks after the first will deal a stacking 2 damage to the SPARK.
Release a blast of energy, damaging all nearby enemies. This attack has no cooldown, but consecutive Novas will damage the SPARK.
XCOM2 rank fieldmarshall.png
* The SPARK gains +20 defense and +2 armor while Sacrifice is active. * Sacrifice has a 3 turn cooldown.
Generate a protective field which redirects any attacks against allies inside it towards you. Gain bonus defense and armor while active.
Impact Fields
* Activate a force field that reduces incoming damage by 33% for two turns. * Six-turn cooldown (including the turn in which it was activated). * Uses one action and doesn't automatically end your turn. * Armor-Piercing weapons do not mitigate this effect.
Activate a force field that reduces incoming damage by 33% for two turns. Six-turn cooldown.
Hunter Protocol
* Hunter Protocol makes the SPARK an ideal unit for scouting into the fog of war, since any revealed enemy can be instantly attacked.
When an enemy is revealed, there is a 33% chance to take a free Overwatch shot.

Stat Progression

Rank Per Level Total
XCOM2 rank squire.png
0 2 0 0 30 0 2 0 0 30
XCOM2 rank aspirant.png
0 2 0 0 5 0 4 0 0 35
XCOM2 rank knight.png
0 2 0 0 5 0 6 0 0 40
XCOM2 rank cavalier.png
0 2 0 0 5 0 8 0 0 45
XCOM2 rank vanguard.png
0 3 0 0 5 0 11 0 0 50
XCOM2 rank paladin.png
0 3 0 0 5 0 14 0 0 55
XCOM2 rank champion.png
0 3 0 0 5 0 17 0 0 60
XCOM2 rank fieldmarshall.png
0 3 0 0 5 0 20 0 0 65
  • This class also gains 3 points of strength, though it's only used for alien abilities.
  • Though SPARK units don't gain health from leveling, they do start with a high health pool of 11 normal HP and 5 ablative HP.

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