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Save your game during battlescape

Anybody feel TFTD can be a little on the tough side? even on the lower difficulty levels? I can tell you i've lost far too many important (and not to mention expensive) men due to simple mistakes or unavoidable situations.

This is when I employed a tactic that undoubtedly shifted the fights in my favour. After each alien turn has ended and I'm presented with my squad with fully charged TU's I simply save the game under one save slot (call it something like battlescape1) then execute my moves and save the game again once all TU's are spent, this time in a different slot (battlescape2).

Now this allows me to load up the games at these critical points and try different tactics if previous attempts result in nasty outcomes!

This seriously takes the 'fun' element out of the game but I just cant stand losing my favourite sniper right at the end of a mission!


Also referred to by some players as Save/Reload Immortality

Saving during Geoscape

X-Commandoes who want to get the most replay value will save their game in Geoscape a few moments before their transport craft reaches the UFO site. When the Battlescape loads shortly thereafter, you will always have the same squad and same number of opponents, but each reload will cause the terrain generator to give you a different landscape and alien placement. As NKF-sensei says, "It gives the aliens a chance."

--JellyfishGreen 15:44, 21 Apr 2005 (BST)