Scatter Laser (Bureau)

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A laser-variant shotgun, the Scatter Laser will be the first alien weapon you procure, during the mission to rescue Dr Wier from his research laboratory. Carter will radio Director Faulke, pointing it's availability out (when, prior, any and all alien weapons exploded when the user died). Faulke thinks it may be a trap, but you should take it, as you'll be fighting a Sectopod and a Gunship later in this mission. Engineers will be able to equip this weapon, once you get to a resupply station, or back to base.

  • Clip/Carry: 7/21
  • Gunner Pack: 9/27
  • Laser Efficiency Pack: 14/42

All Mutons will carry this weapon, so (as you naturally should be) keep your distance to reduce the danger that Mutons present.

Like the Shotgun, it's better for close-combat, and has a significant rate of fire. Your engineers can carry this weapon.