Scavenger Market (Chimera)

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The Scavenger Market doesn't appear in the facilities menu initially. It must first be unlocked. Early in the campaign, during the first Investigation, a Situation appears called Contact Scavenger Market. As with other Situations, you must send the APC to this location and sacrifice 1 in-game day. The reward for completing is unlock of the market. You can now visit the market for the first time. It always offers 3 random advanced items in exchange for Intel, whose quality depend on the campaign progress (specifically, the Investigation number). Very important information is that the market doesn't appear every day, only every 4 days.

It is also worth knowing that the goods in the market are random. The items sold at the market will be different on your next visit. All things in the marketplace are bought with Intel. As for the items sold at the market, they are primarily:

  • Weapon and armor mods - you can purchase them even if you haven't unlocked related Assembly projects yet;
  • Grenades (frag, plasma);
  • Epic Weapons - Give it to an agent who can use it;
  • Elerium packs - Exchange Intel for Elerium.

After you have at least one Special ranked agent or higher and 1 Security Field Team at Rank 2, a Special Ops called Sanctioned Cooperation will be unlocked. This Spec Op requires you to send an agent for 5 days. The reward is a one-time free purchase at the Scavenger Market. In order to make the most of this, it is best to hold off on the free purchase until some very valuable item appears.

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