Second Wave Options (LWOTC)

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These additional options are available to change how campaigns play.

  • Beta strike: Greatly increase all units HP to extend tactical battles and increases mission timers to accomodate. (Reinforcement timers are not adjusted and the game is not balanced around this. Use at own risk)
  • Reaper/Skirmisher/Templar Ally: Start at the selected hero faction.
  • Grim Horizon: All Dark Events become permanent. This affects strategical events such as Rapid Response and is independent of tactical upgrade Dark Events such as conditioning which are permanent by default.
  • Lengthy Scheme: Doubles the avatar timer. Combined with long war's addition, this massively increases the amount of work needed for the avatar project to complete.
  • No Hand Holding: Disable lwotc's tutorial pop ups such as introduction of some new enemies and the new strategy changes.
  • Chosen on holiday: Disables the chosen and are removed from the campaign.
  • Baby Chosen: Disable chosen prime reactions which allows for certain actions whenever damaged.
  • Strategic Dominance: Enables the use of resistance orders, the cards that grant additional bonuses and can be assigned at the end of the month.
  • Same rank abilities: Allows spending AP to purchase additional perks on the same rank that a perk has already been selected.