Sectoid (LW2)

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Name Sectoid Commander Rank 2
Force Level
Pod Max
Armor 0 Health 12/14/15/16
Mobility 12 Detection Radius 15
Aim 75/75/80/80 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 10 Defense 10/10/15/20
Dodge 0 Will 100/105/105/110
Psi 100/110/120/130
Name Sectoid Rank 1
Force Level
Pod Max
Xcom2 sectoid hero.jpg
Armor 0 Health 7/8/8/9
Mobility 12 Detection Radius 15
Aim 70/75/75/75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0/0/10/10 Defense 0
Dodge 0 Will 80/85/85/85
Psi 80/90/90/90

The Sectoid enjoys a somewhat elevated position in the alien hierarchy since the formation of the ADVENT coalition. Extensively modified with human genetics, the Sectiod is much more physically imposing than they have been in the past. Armed with a wrist mounted plasma weapon and powerful psionics, they serve as either patrol leaders for ADVENT grunts, or support for more independent aliens patrols.

Eventually, Sectoid Commanders will be seen in the field. Possessing more psionic power than common Sectoids, they are substantively more dangerous.

Sectoid Abilities
Ability Rank Required
UIPerk sectoid mindspin.png
Chance to panic, disorient, or mind control target unit.
Sectoid (Mk1)
UIPerk sectoid psireanimate.png
PSI Reanimate
Reanimate a dead human or ADVENT corpse as a psi-zombie.
Sectoid (Mk1)
LW AbilityMassreanimate.png
PSI Mass Reanimate
Reanimate all dead human or ADVENT corpses as psi-zombies.
Sectoid Command (Mk2)
  • Mindspin is resisted using the target's will score, making Sectoids very effective against shaken soldiers.
  • Disorienting or killing a Sectoid will remove active psionic effects, which includes de-animating psi-zombies.
  • Sectoids will reanimate corpses in view even if their pod hasn't been activated.
  • Sectoids have a hidden perk called "Sectoid Melee Vulnerability" have causes them to take extra damage from melee attacks.
  • In Long War 2, Sectoids are more likely to take flank shots than they were in vanilla.
Sectoid Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Conditioning 1 All ranks 75%
Conditioning 2 All ranks 75%
Conditioning 3 All ranks 75%
Veterans All ranks 25%
Defense All ranks 33%
Advanced Servos All ranks 60%
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
All ranks 8%
Will to Survive
All ranks 15%