Shield Commander (Bureau)

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The first of the Commander variants you'll encounter, this soldier's specialty is not also his own shields, but the ability to give other aliens shields, as well. Usually he'll shield other Zudjari, but on rare occasion he may waste the shield on a Sectoid. Still, as a Commander, he is a priority target, as well as to keep him from buffing other aliens.

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Autopsy Report: Outsider Commander

Leaders of the Outsider forces, the Commanders exhibit the same physique of other Outsiders, but have significantly more complicated neural implants, as well as much more advanced equipment. Personal shielding is common, and many other tactical abilities may be available to these dangerous enemies. Agents are advised to make Commanders a top priority in any engagement.

Commanders do not exhibit the same poor living conditions of their subordinate grunts: nutrition is plentiful, physical trauma is minimal, and many Commanders carry personal effects into battle. These often appear to be devotional items, perhaps involved in religious ceremonies centered around their “Origin.” The precise details of this “Origin” are still being examined by Dr. Weir, but it is believed to be the communication network utilized by the Outsiders’ neural implants.