Silacoid (Bureau)

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For the original 1994 UFO: Enemy Unknown version, see Silacoid

The amazing, disgusting blob. This mass of sillacon-based organic goo is held together by an internal electromagnetic field. A low-health opponent, they aren't much of a threat, but they are fairly fast, and may often try to engulf your agents. Being amorphous gels, they often pour out of a building's internal structure, like air conditioning vents, or any other small holes they can find. Hope you don't encounter one while going to the bathroom...

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Autopsy Report: Silacoid

The “Silacoid” (or simply “Blob”) is an enigmatic creature. It is composed of a uniformly similar semisolid silicon-based material, with no evidence of connection materials or anything resembling controlling or processing centers. However, when an electrical charge is applied to the substance, it can form shapes, constrict, or even respond to external stimuli. However, this activity can be ceased by disrupting the material’s cohesion- most readily through violent trauma.

While such abstract technology proves difficult to fully understand, we may be able to control and direct it on our own terms, as well as developing further uses for Silacoid materials.