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Sitreps are additional modifiers that affects the mission with a 30% chance to apply one. These can be beneficial, neutral, or negative towards XCOM.

Strategic Dark Events have also changed and now instead of applying to all missions they all have a 40% chance to apply as a sitrep to any missions that spawn during its duration. Dark Event sitreps are in addition to any base sitreps that are part of the mission. Only one dark event sitrep can apply to a given mission.

Depending on the sitreps applied during the mission, they are given a "difficulty" rating and will reward 2 AP upon a successful mission for each "difficult" sitrep.

Dark Event Sitreps

  • High Alert: XCOM starts missions revealed (soldiers with phantom are unaffected)
  • Infiltrators (Faceless): There are hidden faceless hiding as civilians in the mission
  • Infiltrators (Chryssalids): There are lone roaming chryssalids in the mission.
  • Lost World: Lost may now appear during the mission
  • Rapid Response: Advent Reinforcements come slightly faster
  • Return Fire: Officers and Priests may take a reaction fire back against enemies that target them once per turn.
  • Sealed Armor: Advent units become immune to any environmental effects.
  • Vigilance: Enemies have a larger detection radius.
  • Undying Loyalty: Advent units has a chance when killed to revive as a psi zombie.

Basic Sitreps

  • Project Miranda: All biological units suffer a 2 mobility and 20 aim penalty for the mission. (This applies to both XCOM and Advent)
  • Advent Loot: There are 1-2 crates that can be opened to grant a small amount of supplies each.
  • Resistance Contacts: There are civilians part of the resistance that can be approached and reward a small amount of supplies each.
  • The Lost: Indicates lost presence during the mission. (Do not appear in full salvage missions)
  • There's something in the air: Grants all units the ability to apply combat rush upon scoring a critical hit, granting a bonus to nearby allies (+10 aim and crit, +1 mobility that lasts for 2 turns)
  • Location Scout: All soldiers gain Tracking, being able to detect enemies within 14 tiles regardless of line of sight.
  • Savage: Replaces a random amount of pods to include melee enemies: Stun lancers, faceless, berserkers, chryssalids.
  • Psionic Storm: Replaces a random amount of pods to include psionic enemies: Advent Priests, Sectoids, Codices, gatekeepers (gatekeepers are not meant to be able to spawn in general missions like most missions are and is due to the vanilla behavior of this sitrep)
  • Large/Very Large Map: Indication that the mission contains a large/very large map and will increase the mission timer and reduce the reinforcement timer accordingly. These are separate from the regular sitreps and can apply in addition to any of the other basic sitreps.