Sleeping Chamber

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This building seems to function as a nocturnal rejuvenation center for the Aliens. We have
identified the weak points that will allow us to destroy this building. You will receive a full
briefing before you enter the combat zone. Once this task is accomplished we can gain information
about the next Alien building through the exposed tubing that connects the Alien city.


The Alien Dimension contains many structures linked by an irregular snaking chain. The Sleeping
Chamber lies at the start of the chain and allows the Aliens to rejuvenate nocturnally. The Aliens
regularly connect themselves to sleeping units, which appears to be a necessary operation in order
for them to stay alive. Explore the area with caution and destroy all sleeping units as pictured
here. After disabling the building, all Agents must exit the as soon as possible.

Straight forward demolition mission. The orange teleporters can be disabled with Vortex Mines, then throw a Vortex Mine at each of the structures pictured in the briefing. You can demolish these structures (not teleporters) with one round from Devastator canon.

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