Slums (Apocalypse)

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General Information

Official Entry: " The slum dwellings located outside the city boundaries are the remnants of an old civilization. They are still heavily populated and used by gangsters and political groups as a base of support. They are dangerous places which are difficult to attack with ground forces. There is always the prospect of finding Psiclone or Elerium during a successful raid."

Alien Infiltration Potential: Low

Cityscape Information


Building Names

  • Angel Heart Heights
  • Bakunin Block
  • Borstal Block
  • Campesino Apartments
  • Chronos Block
  • Civic Project
  • Dickens Estate
  • George Orwell Block
  • Grey Visitor Towers
  • Grimoire Block
  • Hades Block
  • Heavenly Towers
  • Lovecraft Block
  • Maze Towers
  • Necronomicon Mansions
  • Neptune Towers
  • Oliver Twist Block
  • Saturn Block
  • Scrooge Mansions
  • Thomas More Tower

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