Small window bug

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Small Window Bug

This bug happens when playing the game online with an emulator. When hitting the home-button on your keyboard and then continueing the game, it will only show up a little window with the game. Although its possible to continue playing, it is very hard to carry on and you will often click at the wrong thing. It is not possible to run the game on fullscreen anymore until you restart it by closing the task and opening the game again.

I don't find it that hard to play with on. It might just be my monitor size, which probly makes the window larger than it would for other computer, which might be why it's so easy to play that way. This bug is good for multitasking, since a good bulk of the game is not constantly requiring action a good part of the time(i.e. Base screen+ Battlescape).-Katls 1/4/2013

If this happens, alt+enter will remaximise. And this is far from gamebreaking, infact its the default mode i play in. -Rookie Meatshield 19/1/2013