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Military occupation specialties

Soldiers are divided into nine classes.

UIPerk runandgun.png Assault
UIPerk grenade launcher.png Grenadier
LW AreaSuppression.png Gunner
LW AbilityLightEmUp.png Ranger
UIPerk squadsight.png Sharpshooter
UIPerk phantom.png Shinobi
UIPerk hack.png Specialist
LW AbilityHeavyArmaments.png Technical
XCOM2 psirank initiate.png Psi Operative

In Long War 2, experience for soldiers is primarily earned by mission completion rather than getting kills. The XP awarded at the end of a mission is based on the number of aliens on the mission. Mission XP is divided equally among soldiers returning to base, with a cap of 33% of the total experience awarded to each soldier. Therefore soldiers in large squads will gain less XP than soldiers in smaller squads, as the same total XP is split among more people. Note that the 33% limit only applies to squads with one or two soldiers, effectively treating such squads as though they had 3 soldiers. The XP assigned to the unfilled spots is wasted.

Rookie Stats

Stat Difficulty Created Equally Not Created Equally SPARK
Rookie Veteran + Min Max
Aim +5 - 65 55 75 65
Defense +0 - 0 -10 10 30
Dodge +0 - 5 -10 20 5
Will +5 - 25 10 40 40
Hacking +0 - 5 1 20 5
Health +1 - 4 3 7 12
Mobility +0 - 15 13 18 12
Psi Offense +0 - 20 2 38 -
Armor 1

Defense and Dodge influence your chance to be hit. Having negatives in this area will result in the soldier being an easier target.

The Mobility stat represents how far you can move with ONE action, and the labeled score represents meters traveled, not tiles, with 1 meter is equal to .67 tiles. As a result, you will need 2 mobility to be guaranteed a extra tile per action for movement. Remember that soldiers have 3 utility slots and each equipped item reduces mobility by 1, so the SPARK is as fast as a fully equipped default soldier.

Not Created Equally works by swapping stats and will never produce really bad or good rookies. A rookie with high aim might have low defense or health as a result. For the purpose of those modifications some stats are worth more "points" than others. Dodge, Will, Hacking and Psi Offense are all worth 1 point; Defense is worth 1.5 points; Offense is worth 3 points; Health and Mobility are worth 12 points. The total of "points" a soldier has on all of his stats is 478. This information can be used to determine the psi offense of rookies prior to building the Psi Lab in order to save high psi offense troopers as future psi operatives.

Stats by Class

Total Stats Gained
Stat Assault Grenadier Gunner Ranger Sharpshooter Shinobi Specialist Technical Psi Operative Notes
Health 4 4 3 3 2 2 3 2 2 Health-gain ranks are LC/Sgt/TSgt/MSgt, LC/SSgt/MSgt, or Sgt/MSgt
Aim 16 16 18 20 28 16 16 18 12
Will 10 8 8 8 6 8 10 8 4* Half of total will is gained at squaddie, the other half at lance corporal.
Hacking 0 0 0 0 0 40 75 0 0 Specialists gain 40 hacking at squaddie, then 5 per rank.
Dodge 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0

Unless noted otherwise, stats are gained evenly across the 8 ranks.

Psi operatives gain 30 psi offense at squaddie, and a total of 22 more as they level.

* Based on the Psi Operative page's stats table. That table might have some columns switched.

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