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Sorcerers are elite servants of the Progeny. Being the most powerful psionics (aside from Violet herself), Sorcerers, no doubt, are the most dangerous enemies met by Chimera Squad, along with Grey Phoenix's Pretorians and Sacred Coil's Ronins.


  • Teleport: Sorcerer teleports to the targeted area, ignoring any kind of Overwatch.
  • Enthrall: Sorcerer psionically connects to chosen "enthralled" unit (Thralls, Resonants and Brutes) to create an impenetrable barrier. Should barrier be hit, it will collapse and enthralled unit will die.
  • Psi Lance: Sorcerer projects a beam of psionic energy that damages every target it passes through.
  • Tyranny: Sorcerer moves chosen target into the beginning of the Timeline.
  • Mental Immunity: Sorcerer is immune to any kind of mental impairments.