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In Long War of the Chosen soldiers deploy in squads. You can create persistent squads by assigning soldiers in the Squad Management interface. When you send soldiers on a mission you can load up a squad from the list, and then make ad hoc changes if you like. Changing the composition for that particular mission doesn't change the composition of the squad. If all of your squads are busy on missions, a "temporary" squad will be created to be sent.

Managing your squads is mostly optional, but it can be a handy shortcut for your favourite soldier compositions, and once you have officers they're a useful way of keeping soldiers under the same officer to maximise the benefit of Leadership.


The amount of time a soldier will be out of action is based how much damage they took over a battle and what percentage of their maximum health this accounted for. Soldiers can take over 100% of their health in damage if they receive healing or are overkilled by damage and but enter a bleed out state and are saved.

The config files list recovery time in "points", we don't know what these points mean so this table is only to illustrate the ratios of wound time to damage. All values are in hundreds of points.

Damage Recovery Points
0-10% 10-75
10-20% 50-125
20-30% 100-175
30-40% 150-225
40-50% 200-275
50-60% 250-325
60-70% 300-375
70-80% 350-425
80-90% 400-475
90-100% 450-750