Sticky Grenade (Bureau)

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Mostly the same mechanics of the Frag Grenade, with one obvious exception: if you manage to stick it right on an alien, it will attach to it for maximum damage (and hilarious rag-doll effects). If you're lucky, it may even panic and run for cover--- next to other aliens. When targeting, a small sphere will appear at the end of the targeting trajectory; get that right on an alien to land it properly (it will jump up onto the alien's body). It also sticks to terrain, so you can put it up high if you need to, and even on occasion see Zudjari totally flub the toss and stick it to the window they're hiding behind.

As most aliens are quite nimble when alert, this is most easily done for either large enemies, unaware enemies that are staying still, or enemies locked in place with Lift.

Outsiders commonly use this grenade, especially on harder difficulties (and particularly the higher-ranking ones). You can often hear them say (something like) "Granood!" when they prepare to toss one. If you manage to kill the alien, stagger them with a head-shot, or use Lift on them, they will drop the activated grenade, causing any nearby aliens to scatter, maybe even catching some of them in the blast.

It can be first acquired on the Axis mission, near the door into the Outsider facility.