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Strategic layer in Chimera squad has something new in the series. In fact, it is kind of a mix between Apocalypse Cityscape and Enemy Unknown (2012) Geoscape.

City Map and Anarchy

Main point of interest (and most important one) here is City Map. Here you manage all your business in City 31 — choosing the Missions, resolving the Situations, building and upgrading Field Teams and so on. Like EU2012, you have to protect nine different city Districts, which have a five-scale "panic" meter (it's called "Unrest" now). District Unrest means nothing until it reaches maximal, fifth level. If it does, it starts to generate Anarchy on the next day this district has gone rogue. Anarchy meter acts the same way as the "Avatar project" meter from XCOM 2 — if it's 13 sections are filled, then City 31 will fall into full Anarchy, which means the Game Over. The more districts are at max Unrest, the faster Anarchy will accumulate (1 Anarchy point per max Unrest district, totally 9 Anarchy points per day if all districts are at max Unrest). Also, max Unrest Districts do generate special missions, which are usually involve Chimera Squad into dealing with high Unrest. To remove Unrest you can:

  • Complete the mission in the district;
  • Use Vigilance Map ability (removes 1 plus N Unrest from the chosen district (N is a level of the Field Team in this district, if present));
  • Complete Humanitarian Aid Spec Op (removes 1 Unrest at all districts);
  • Build level 3 Security Field Team in the district (automatically removes 1 Unrest in the district every Friday)

Unrest is increased by:

  • Ignoring the Missions (as well as Situations at Act 2-3);
  • Letting civilians to die in any way during Missions;
  • Districts with investigation mission will generate 1 Unrest every day until this Mission is completed.

Field Teams

Field Teams are the core of your organization in City 31. It is up to them to collect resources for Chimera Squad. There are 3 types of Field teams: Security — focuses on keeping the peace in the region. Generates Intel; Technology — focuses on gathering the high-tech trophies. Generates Elerium; Financial — focuses on gathering the finances. Generates Credits. Building and upgrading Field Teams is crucial since they are the only source of resources apart from missions rewards. It also grants quite powerful bonuses once upgraded to Rank 3 — it unlocks Assembly Projects to build additional slot in Assembly (Technology), Spec Ops (Security) and Training (Financial) facilities.

Field Teams Abilities

Over the course of your playthrough you will get an access to some strategic options called "Field Teams Abilities". In right hands these abilities can save the day and prevent City 31 from going full Anarchy.

  • Vigilance — decreases the Unrest in the targeted District by 1+N, where N is the level of the Field Team in the said District. Available from the start;
  • Quarantine — prevents the targeted District from gaining Unrest for 3 days. Available once you have three Field Teams in the City 31;
  • Dragnet — allows to resolve selected Situation without advancing the day, gaining 66% of its rewards. Available once you have at least one level 3 Field Team;
  • Major Crimes Task Force — decreases the Anarchy by 3+N, where N is the number of level 3 Field Teams in City 31. Available once you have Field Teams in all Districts.


Assembly is the heart of researching in Chimera Squad. Here you can research any projects you want — provided you have enough Elerium to do so. You can place the Agent (or two, if Imrpoved Assembly is researched) to accelerate the research. If you feel that you are researching wrong project, you can cancel this research. You will get full Elerium refund, but any progress will be lost.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops facility will allow you to assign one Agent (or two, if Improved Spec Ops is researched) to take part in different special operations. At the start you will have access only to the basic operations, but you can unlock new ones by promoting your Agents. You can assign Agent to specific operation if they have required Rank. Assigning Agent doesn't mean their temporary unavailability — you can recall them at any moment, but the operation will be canceled and you will need to restart it again.


Training facility allows you to assign one Agent (or two, if Improved Training is researched) to develop their stats. From the start you can either upgrade their health or remove Scars, if they are present. As your Agents gain new ranks, new possibilities at Training are appearing. At Special Agent rank Agents can choose "Unlock Potential" option which will increase some stats, depending on the Agent, and at Principal Agent rank they can "Unlock Ability", which will give them unique passive ability apart from general skill tree. Whenever Agent gets the scar, it can be healed through corresponding option. Remember — you can only remove the Scars one by one, not all at once, so don't "collect them", even if they are "not critical". Just like Spec Ops, Agents can be removed from Training programs, but they will lost any progress and must begin training from the beginning.


Armory is the place where your Agents can be accessed for equipment change, promotions and minor customizations.


Supply is where you can buy basic item as well as the researched ones and upgrades for your weapons.

Scavenger's Market

Once you unlock the Scavenger's Market, it will appear every 4-5 days. It will contain three random items to buy — advanced and elite weapon upgrades, basic combat grenades and consumables, some elite vests and epic weapons.