Strength and Weight Management (UFOAI)

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The maximum weight a soldier can carry is equal to their strength stat in kilograms. A soldier with a strength stat of 34 will be able to carry up to 34kgs. However, a soldier will become encumbered if they carry more than 50% of their maximum weight. So a soldier with a strength stat of 34 will see his TUs decrease if he is carrying more than 17kgs. A soldier will also receive increased TUs if they are carrying less than 20% of their maximum weight.

A soldier's TUs are calculated using the following equation:


The ENCUMBRANCE_MODIFIER depends on the weight carried:

  • 1.0 = 20% or less of maximum weight
  • 0.7 = 20-50% of maximum weight
  • 0.4 = 50% or more of maximum weight

The official documentation is here.

Strength Training

Soldiers earn experience in the strength stat by carrying equipment into missions. The more equipment carried, the more experience the soldier will gain, up to a maximum of 125 points per mission. The formula for experience points is:

50 * (weight / strength) / ENCUMBRANCE_MODIFIER

The official documentation is here.