T'leth, the Alien's City

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T'leth, the Alien's City

T'leth the huge Alien colony ship lies embedded in the Sigsbee Deep, in the Gulf of Mexico. At the Heart of the city is an Alien horror, so vile and so powerful that not even death can claim it. In a chamber of Alien metal lies the sleeping form of the great dreamer, the Ultimate Alien. Raising T'leth above the waves will begin his re-animation cycle, and once risen he will be unstoppable. Although not alive and some how not dead the Alien mind controls the Alien army. The weird technology of molecular control connects all Aliens to the One mind and the One mind to all the Aliens. Genetically mutated Alien/human foetuses supply the Alien mind with energy and form the link between the ruler and his subjects. The myth of the Ultimate Alien has existed in the hearts and minds of humankind for centuries, the sea has always hidden the ultimate truth.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
T'leth, the Alien's City research topic.


  • This research item becomes available after first researching The Ultimate Threat, then interrogating a live Lobster Man Commander. Any Commander "researched" prior to determining The Ultimate Threat will not contribute to the availability of the T'leth project.
  • Once researched, a button to launch the T'leth mission will appear whenever you select a Leviathan in the Geoscape.

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