Tactics (LW2)

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  • Hacking to Free Prisoners: unlike vanilla XCom hacking a jail door also opens and reveals the contents of the cell, thus activating the prisoners for immediate movement.
  • Destructibles: Vehicles that can be blown up actually have different 'health' that must be damaged to blow them up. Cars have more health than cars with open doors which have more health than the tricycle vehicles.
  • Rockets are innately inaccurate and will often diverge from their intended path. Grenades seem to be perfectly accurate.
  • Advent Drones: A successful hack to stun a lone drone does not reveal your squad.

Haywire & Full Override

  • Most aliens harbor a special hostility for their own robotic units that have been controlled by XCOM. They will often target hacked units in preference of standard XCOM units or SPARKs. Using a subverted robot to distract and draw fire can be more useful than using them for direct attack. For example, moving a hacked drone into a flanking position but out of immediate line-of-fire can distract an entire pod or more. (as of LW version 1.0)
  • Specialists seem to have have a squadsight-like ability to target mechanical enemies for haywire/full override. That is, they can target enemy robots outside of their normal sight range if they have line-of-sight on one.
  • This means a specialist working with a shinobi can subvert an un-alerted unit without activating the rest of pod. However, the pod will go on alert as soon as the subverted robot moves or takes any action. Also, the pod will activate and react to the hostile immediately on the beginning of their next turn.
  • As a result of these effects, you can use a single robot to lead one or more pods away from your squad.