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Actually, given that reverse-engineered versions of this weapon are called Fusion Ball Launcher and that Blaster Bombs detonate with huge power, I think that Blaster Bombs (and Fusion Balls) are Elerium-catalyzed thermonuclear weapons. Just as C&C's Tiberium increases the explosive power of weapons by about 200 times, Elerium might does the same. Or Elerium is used to initiate small-scale nuclear fusion. How? Simple: when bombarded with particles, Elerium gives off energy, gravity waves and radiation. Now, radiation nearly always increases ambient temperature and heat is essentially the resonating state of particles; the more energy absorbed, the faster the resonance (when there's no energy, particles are perfectly stationary, at about -273.25 °C). Given Elerium's propertities, it would be possible to give off so much radiation that heat rises to the level where hydrogen-helium fusion begins (or helium-carbon, or carbon-oxygen...). However, that level of radiation release could kill the operator if he/she/it is too close to ground zero (in the event that he/she/it survived the blast from point-blank range which is pretty much impossible; not even a real-life M1A2 Abrams can survive a direct hit from a tactical nuke). amitakartok