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Grappling with the Cult

I agree entirely that stun-raids are for robbing receiving donations of equipment from friendly organizations, but I must comment that the stun grapples are actually pretty good weapons for knocking the cultists down very quickly before they start carrying shields. Once they are down you can shoot at them while they're helpless. Since you're not going to miss that close, it's a good ammo saver. However it does throw good sportsmanship out the window!

Stunning the whole temple (or those that remain in the temple) and not killing anyone is quite a challenge and has its fair share of risks, such as having someone throw a grenade onto your loot pile (generated by herding and stunning cultists in one area so you can keep tabs on them all). Bravo to anyone that pulls it off though. -NKF 06:20, 14 March 2009 (EDT)