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This page discusses starting values, improvement, max, usage, etc.. but doesn't ever mention what the stat DOES other than "soldiers ability to sustain movement". Ie what happens as energy decreases? I would add it but I don't know, I'm about to start playing for the first time since 1994-5. The manual does the same thing, no answer. The rest of the Internet is no help.

Does it cap your TU's at the beginning of the turn? How does it relate to carry weight? etc. Can someone help?

The description is accurate but probably a bit too concise. Perhaps an even simpler way to describe it is that energy/stamina measures how tired your soldier is. Let me explain.
Walking (or flying) is an action that requires two resources from the soldier. TUs and Energy/Stamina. If you have depleted one or both of these stats, then you will not be able to walk.
Unlike the TU bar that is filled to 100% (or lower if encumbered) each turn, energy has a much slower recharge. So, if a soldier is made to do a forced march around the map continuously over several turns, that soldier is going to wear out and will not be able to move very far even with a full TU bar.
Also note that the aliens can suffer from wearing themselves out as well but they aren't as wise as the player at managing it. If you're in the habit of mind probing enemies, you'll probably see this in action. -NKF 04:12, 16 January 2012 (EST)