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Yeh, EU's "Act 1" base music plays at the very end, just before the credits roll. But yeh, that's an interesting thought that makes sense (though just retconning, if true), that The Commander is Asaru again. I screencapped most of the Etherial's conversation with one another, and they both implied that the personality imprinting works both ways (at least for Asaru, if not for a proper-awakened one like Shamash)-- that we/Asaru commands Carter, so he has our/his personality, but in RPing as Carter, we/Asaru take on some of Carter. Also, it seems that the start of the game is the farthest back Asaru can remember. The part that the Venn brace harnesses Asaru's energy: ehn. Wander around the base, there was some Scientists doing a Lift done with a platform array, another doing Pulse Wave (with hella-knockback) with nothing ("POW, ha ha!" ~TF2 Heavy), and an agent in the lounge talking about how he was using Lift, too. --Xuncu 23:27, 5 September 2013 (EDT)