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Resurrect Zombified Agents

What is the point (other than neutralizing a Zombie and getting your Soldier back later) of using this tactic?

Well, as you know, the Chryssalid has the most TU of any alien. Makes for an excellent scout if you catch my drift. Other than that, the point is that it can be done. :) --Zombie 23:14, 11 April 2006 (PDT)

Well, it also means that you can make a veritable army out of civilians that have had the unfortunate (dis)pleasure of being turned into zombies (doesn't happen in TFTD as there aren't any underwater civilians - thankfully!). In addition, chryssalids under full control can be zombified and then recaptured as a means of regenerating their health at the cost of adding another death to your end-mission tally and the usual morale reduction.


Yeah, but how do you get the Chryssalid to use its melee attack? For some reason, I can't get the option to attack from clicking on the weapon slots like I can with soldiers and MC'd aliens. Therefore, no melee Terror Unit attacks work. Funnily enough, though, you can give a Chryssalid a weapon and shoot aliens with it, but it has truly awful Accuracy.

- cpj1227

Awful? It has 0 accuracy. It's even funnier when they actually manage to hit something. No, you cannot access the melee command. Like all melee commands, it's only accessable by the AI.

So while they aren't great fighters, fully controlled chryssalids are great expendable scouts. They're okay as grenadiers, I suppose. You won't be very accurate with the grenades, but you should be able to get them in the general vicinity of your target.


I couldn't check the stats for Chryssalids in game. The game crashes if I do.

- cpj1227

Suicide Bomber

I have found that Chryssalids make execellent suicide bombers. I like to MC them and then give them a high explosive. Then you can pretty much send them into the control room of a terror ship or a base control room. Because they are marked as friendlies when they are under MC the snakemen will fire on them causing them to drop the explosive and kill everything around it :-P

El hector 13:37, 26 January 2007 (PST)El Hector

Zombie's Permanent Control of aliens via stunning

I am totally confused. It says that 2x2 aliens cannot be stunned and the Unofficial Strategy Guide confirms so. However, the Small Launcher article (among others) says that 2x2 terror units are extremely vulnerable to Stun Bombs because they take four times as much stun damage from one bomb! Now, which statement is right?

Large units can indeed be stunned. 2x2 units take extra damage from ALL explosives, not just Stun Bombs from a Small Launcher. The confusion likely came about because the game has no method for reawakening a stunned 2x2 unit. A stunned Reaper/Cyberdisc/Sectopod, for all intents and purposes, is dead. It won't wake up during the rest of the mission, period. So stun does work quite well against such units. Arrow Quivershaft 08:04, 30 August 2008 (PDT)