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Reason as to why everything ends in the name (Apocalypse) and the Grav Lift thing before I, UltimateKane99, came into the picture and revamped the site.

[ NKF: Easy, let's call it the Grav Lift, as Grav-Lifts were only in use exclusively by the aliens in the first war. We can use an alias to call it Access Lift where necessary. Those that don't have different names to describe them may want to have (Apocalypse) appended to their names, then use an alias to shorten them - unless someone can come up with a more elegant solution. Come on you lot, fess up! There's some clever person out there with a solution, I'm sure of it. ]

I think that the best solution would be to have (Apocalypse) appended to the page names - I've noticed that there are a few pages like this for TFTD and - personally - I think that they are tidier looking - Phoenix