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Enemy Force Level

First, I added some clarification to the breakpoint section. Should be double checked for accuracy.

I think this page could use some information about how Advent Force Level in a region affects infiltration, enemy activity level, and enemy readiness.

I just spend a while swimming in the configs, and I'm actually quite confused. The only infiltration section that seems like it could affect enemy activity level is "AlertModifierAtInfiltration", which maps the infiltration tiers to a scale of 12 to -3. That seems to match with the activity levels. But that section also has this baffling comment:

; defines tiers for how much the Alertness changes per infiltration interval ; this list needs to be synched with the description in : m_strAlertnessModifierDescriptions

Except m_strAlertnessModifierDescriptions doesn't exist in that file, "alertness" doesn't exist in that file, and in fact "alertness" never appears in any other config file! Clearly infiltration affects enemy level, and this is almost certainly the right section, but the name seems to have been misplaced and I have no idea what it's modifying.
--Khaim (talk) 01:46, 29 January 2017 (UTC)