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This information is getting duplicated, so I thought I'd put it here and link to it

This is based on the following observations, which may be wrong:

  • Projectile weapons do damage ranging from 0 to twice their listed damage value.
  • Projectile weapons never damage the under armour, even if fired from directly underneath the victim.
  • I don't know how much damage explosives can do. The autocannon HE info is based on an experiment with 14 volunteers, all armed with autocannons :) The power suit guys got damaged, the flying suit guys did not. Since the AC/HE does 44 damage, the maximum damage multiplier for it is somewhere between 70/44 (1.591) and 61/44 (1.386). 1.5 perhaps?
  • Explosives damage the under armour if the victim is at the centre (even when firing a rocket from a flying suited soldier directly down onto the volunteer), otherwise they damage the front/back/sides.

--MB 13:32, 17 Aug 2005 (PDT)


NKF: Pistols and Rifles are useless against heavy armour. Aliens with heavy armour basically consist of almost all the aliens except the Sectoids, Floaters and Snakemen, who've got even less armour than your Coveralls. Anything with double your pea shooter damage can be considered immune to it.