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Big aliens issue

I have noticed that Megaspawns and Psymorphs, despite their enormous size, are not that easily spotted by XCOM agents whenever they are behind structures that are partially covering their body. Therefore I have the suspect that such aliens become visible only if a specific "square" of their body is in the visual range of the agents. Can someone confirm this ?

I've had a Megaspawn hide right in front of my agents because his top half wasn't visible, even though his feet should have been in plain sight 2 squares ahead of them, so yes, this is definitely a thing. Binkyuk (talk) 07:34, 23 June 2015 (EDT)

Thank you. I have started writing two lines on this topic. Hmmm... it would be interesting to investigate which is the rule to establish the visibility of the aliens and why it fails so badly with Megaspawns and Psymorphs.

About Agents on more vehicles

If you start a mission and your agents are not all of them assigned to the same vehicle (e.g. they are spanned into two or more ships), the equipment and the alien corpses are lost, regardless that the vehicles are provided with cargo holders and alien containment. Can someone confirm this ?

Learning AI bug

So, the Learning AI doesn't work on the Steam/GoG version. This is due to it requiring a physical CD to read off rather than a mounted .iso file.

This also means, that if you mount the .iso with Windows or any other virtual drive, it'll still behave the same and the Learning AI will not function, even though the Learning AI files will keep updating.

Can anyone confirm if burning the included .iso file from the digital distributions of the game onto a CD and using that to play will allow the Learning AI to function again?

At Game_versions_and_builds_(Apocalypse) it's also mentioned that only the UK release (I guess V1.0?) and the V1.03 US Versions actually support the Learning AI.

Is there more information available on that? Which Versions do and do not support, other localizations of the game (German, Italian, French, etc.) ?

I just wonder if that statement is just there, because only those 2 particular versions were tested or because it really is only those 2 supporting the Learning AI.

Other than that, I'd suggest adding the Learning AI bug / Please Insert CD bug to this list.

The creater of OpenApoc explains the error like this:

"The problem is DOSBox emulating a CD-ROM which has the data on one track, but multiple parts of the disc. This is also the reason why users may occasionally get the 'please insert CD' prompt whilst playing Apoc under DOSBox with an ISO image.

This is the only way to get the game to read the data from the tracks in their original physical location on the disc.

The moment you use a virtual CD or an ISO image it breaks the three learning AI files... They update, but have no effect on decision making


It's the loss of where the physical data sectors are stored on the disc that breaks the AI it appears

So no matter what you do, unless you have a physical disc it'll never work with emulation

The game will play, the base AI will work... But it will never vary tactical decisions according to how the player does things..."

(quoted from a YouTube comment: )

So, to get the Learning AI working on DOSBox, you need an actual physical CD for the game to read off of, while at the same time this also prevents the "Please insert CD" bug that occasionally occurs.

However, I don't know if you need the original CD or if it also is enough to burn the .iso file from the digital distributions (Steam/GoG) onto a CD and just use that then. Bard (talk) 07:30, 18 November 2019 (CET)

New Bug Found

Details on my page EsTeR (talk)