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Reasons why stun gas isn't vented to the mission site before a mission:

1. X-COM agent's would need respirators, which the current armor models do not seem to have, although respirators might be possible to install into helmets, assuming the rest of the armor is atleast partially air-tight
2. The gas spreads and dissipates quickly outside the building, so aliens could just run outside and seek cover for ambush
3. Since the gas takes some time to work and is noticably green and therefore easy to spot, aliens can start killing hostages and priming explosives in time as pre-revenge
4. Some humans might be highly allergic to the gas, going into anaphylactic shock once they breathe the gas
5. Venting huge amounts of gas into a building causes Stun Grenade shortages

This is why X-COM has highly-trained combat personel instead of just clean-up crews.

Should this be on the article page?

--Karp 22:36, 19 August 2008 (PDT)

Well, this runs up agains the scale problems in general (the cityscape scale isn't that Mega). Insofar as this actually needs backstory, it may be sufficient that it takes XCOM to actually locate the aliens precisely enough to do anything. -- Zaimoni, 10:56 20 August 2008 (CDT)
The point of using stun gas would be that you could just send capture crews in space suits into the building, gather up the stunned aliens, and then ventilate the building. mind, the aliens could just bring down the building with explosives or well-placed vollies in the time it takes for them to keel over. not that they couldn't do that anyways. it may just be a matter of the fact that it takes a long time to flood the building and then un-flood the building, or it may be that it's feared the aliens would begin blowing up all chemical plants in the city if they started getting gassed.