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Do mind controlled aliens see 9 spaces or 20 at night?

What about alien controlled X-com agents? Jasonred

Mind controlled aliens seem to see the full 20 spaces at night from what I recall. The light around them is only 9 spaces, but they can see aliens shrouded in shadow at further distances. For X-COM soldiers under mind control, it'd be hard to tell. From how it works with the aliens, I'd assume no, but since the computer has been known to cheat, they might see 20 spaces. Not that it matters much, since Night Missions often take a long time and after turn 20 the AI no longer has to deal with Fog of War. Arrow Quivershaft 13:29, 28 February 2009 (CST)

Alien night vision

Actually in my opinion there is no such thing as alien night vision. The soldiers are lightbulbs, there is no night vision needed to see a light bulb moving around at night... The aliens are smarter: they stay hidden in the darkness. Suppose a soldier could turn out his personal light to remain unseen to the aliens, then it would be interesting... using only the motion scanner for example. --Daiky 15:01, 13 January 2012 (EST)

You're right. Gave it a quick test (pasted a soldier into a dark area, put a sectoid facing him about ten tiles away with no energy or energy recovery), and he was indeed left alone until I moved him (causing his personal light source to appear).
Am feeling rather silly at the moment. It really was obvious, wasn't it... -  Bomb Bloke (Talk/Contribs) 19:35, 13 January 2012 (EST)