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Disappears quicker on higher difficulties?

Really? Is there some source for this? Or at least statistics? Because the way I remember it the Plasma Pistol stops being used at the end of April and the Plasma Rifle stops being used at the end of August, even on Superhuman. Magic9mushroom (talk) 01:20, 29 January 2016 (EST)

"Most efficient"

"It is notable that of the various Elerium based ammunition clips the plasma pistol clip is the most efficient to produce: it provides the best amount of potential damage per unit of Elerium spent."

I'm not really sure this belongs in the article.

Weapon Damage Shots Elerium cost Damage*Shots/Cost
Plasma Pistol 52 26 1 1352
Plasma Rifle 80 28 2 1120
Heavy Plasma 115 35 3 1342

While, yes, the Plasma Pistol does have the highest, it's by less than 1% over the Heavy Plasma. I don't think that's very notable, particularly since when fired in Snap or Aimed modes the Heavy Plasma's better accuracy significantly outweighs that.

For comparison, here's that table for TFTD, in which the analogous statement is notable.

Weapon Damage Shots Zrbite cost Damage*Shots/Cost
Sonic Pistol 80 20 1 1600
Sonic-Blasta Rifle 95 15 2 712
Sonic Cannon 130 10 3 433

Here, the Sonic Pistol's efficiency advantage is very notable, as it's over twice the Rifle's and over three and a half times the Cannon's, massively outweighing the accuracy differences. The plasma clips in UFO are much closer together than that.

Any objections to removing this? Magic9mushroom (talk) 23:34, 19 February 2016 (EST)