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I find it likely that this weapon was ment to be the weapon against overspawns -- unfortunately, the overspawn is hardly a threat to anything but itself and the alien allies.

True - the very buildings it walks into are currently its worst enemy. However, were the game to have been properly completed, I can see the Retribution and Justice missiles being more widely used.
One being a cowardly (or some would read that as 'sensible') way to enact retibution against enemy organizations buildings (or a senator/bureaucrat/high ranking figurehead in transit) for whatever slight they've caused you. You can already do something like this, but there's no real benefit to it bar damaging your reputation with the government (city damage) and a careless and very blunt method of tweaking the hostilities and alliances.
I'm just making this one up, but one other use, albeit a rather ceremonial use, would've been as a means of dealing the crippling blow to alien buildings. As they are, an alien building will collapse the moment you leave after destroying its key function. What if it didn't, and the building stayed standing instead. If you left the alien dimension, it would recover and you'd have to attack it again. To stop it from doing that, you'd have to launch a Retribution missile at it to destroy it for good. -NKF 01:56, 18 January 2011 (EST)