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  • How early in the game would you assemble that stun squad? It seems that you cannot get many androids early on. Captain Foo 22:54, 28 August 2008 (PDT)
  • Does anyone know which weapons can be dual-wielded without a penalty? Captain Foo 22:54, 28 August 2008 (PDT)
Stun Squad: As early as you want. It doesn't have to be androids right away, but once you've acquired a one or two, then you're set.
Pistol type weapons don't incur a penalty loss. Law Pistol, Plasma Gun and Toxigun. Any weapon that suffers an accuracy penalty if both hands are used will be counted as a two-handed weapon.
Technically, although two handed this also includes all the launchers as well, since missiles are guided they don't make use of the unit's accuracy. Same goes for the power sword too due to its proximity requirements.
P. S: You can sign your posts by entering four tildes ~~~~ where you want to insert your signature (or just use the second-to-last button on the toolbar)
-NKF 22:30, 28 August 2008 (PDT)

Thanks for the tip on signatures by the way. :) By the way, is it okay to keep a grenade or motion sensor in your unit's offhand while wielding a two-handed weapon, or will this incure a penalty as well?
Also, is it possible to change the order that your troop roster are placed in or assign them to permanent squads? I'm looking for a way to avoid having to reassign my sniper squad every time a new battle starts. I have a feeling I'll have to resort to something difficult like editing game files, but maybe this can be avoided. -Captain Foo 22:54, 28 August 2008 (PDT)
Editing the game files is particularly nasty, as simple swapping breaks the indexes from the soldiers into the inventory array. Naive cut-and-paste also breaks the indexes from the inventory to the soldiers array. I've been thinking of writing a swapper, but I'm not positive I've mapped everything yet. Something like this is needed to manage squad assignment with 36 Agents. [Besides "more is better", the larger maps that come at agent count 24+ when raiding Cult of Sirius make for more point-efficient income boosting; I'm wondering if there's another map-generation cutpoint at 36.]
The game appears to be calibrated for 30 non-Agents -- there are 180 Agent slots, but only 150 Inventory entries. -Zaimoni 8:27, 29 August 2008 (PCT)

A two handed weapon will get an accuracy reduction every time the off-hand has something in it. But you can always increase the accuracy mode - or just get closer (or rather, get behind cover and let them get closer).

As for squad assignment - none really. Perhaps work with smaller groups (aka just one squad worth). Alternately, force your agents into roles depending on their order in the equip screen. Don't mind their stats too much - they upgrade quickly, just mind them for a bit and they'll shape into the role you want them to become. Unlike UFO/TFTD, new Apocalypse agents are very flexible even if they have almost no accuracy to speak of. - NKF 23:56, 28 August 2008 (PDT)

Miscellaneous Tips from NKF

Dual Wield

Dual Wield does penalise your accuracy, and depending on some weapons, will slow you down considerably. The only reason to dual wield is to increase volume of fire (in Real-Time mode). If you're like me and like close range combat (you'll find a lot of this in some buildings), then you want to get out as much firepower as you can because the enemy will have just as much of an advantage at such a close range as you do (and there's often more of them than you or they have one-hit big-bang weapons like the Poppers!). Out in the open, single weapons with aimed shots get better results - until you become so accurate that you don't even feel the penalty.

The game's super weapons are easy enough to be effective without dual-wielding as they're ramped up to be the best weapons available. In fact, (later in the game) most people make do with just one Devastator or Toxigun and cloak combo exclusively.

Best Starting Weapons for Experience Gain

Apocalypse uses the volume of successful hits to determine accuracy improvements. The M4000 just gets lots of hits in, while the laser sniper rifle may hit a few times. By the way, aimed + dual M4000 garners more accuracy for a slightly slower fire rate than full-auto, allowing you to not waste as much ammo. Not as accurate as one M4000 on aimed or as fast as dual M4k's on full auto.

Plasma gun ammo is scarce at first, but you do have the option of attacking your enemies like the Cult of Sirius and win some off their fallen brethren. In fact, a lot of items that don't get released until a week or two in can be won off raiding enemy organizations. Better to get a good start than try to hobble along. I'd recommend stealing borrowing a power sword too.

The Autocannon with AP shells is one of the most powerful non-explosive ranged weapons you can buy. Stronger than the plasma gun and the ammo is easier to obtain. I'd actually recommend only carrying 1 HE and 1 Incendiary clip and carry AP as your primary clips. Beside, you don't want to do too much property damage with the HE rounds (companies don't mind the burning corpses of civilians - they could go hostile towards X-Com if you track too much dirt on their carpets). The HE and In clips are for special uses, like blasting brainsuckers off if you're on your own, or to wipe out hyperworm mobs. Incendiary can be break up tight mobs of enemies, etc. The AC will however be very slow in turn based - so if that's what you play then it may not suit you very well.

Unexplained Loss of Equipment

Aliens won't attack a dead body on purpose (to destroy equipment), though HE explosions caused by nearby combat will certainly destroy the bodies and equipment. Watch where you are fighting. Also some enemies tend to pick up anything that's not bolted down, and may even carelessly wander towards one of the area exit pads. It happens - so be vigilant!