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Events' timings

I suggest to collect information about days of events and edit the next list: (this will help a lot on planing strategy)

March (1 month) - 32 days long

  • 4-8d - Abduction
  • 7-10d - UFO (small scout)
  • 17-19d - Abduction
  • 24-x - Council Mission

April (2 month) - 28d

  • X-Xd - Terror

Why does the guide specify that you should order sats one by one rather than in bulk? --Arkander 15:37, 22 November 2012 (EST)

To hazard a guess, it's to take advantage of the engineer discount as you get more of them. Also so you don't buy more than you can launch. NKF 13:34, 2 December 2012 (EST)
You get the same discount if you order them piecemeal or in bulk. I do order them individually for a matter of financial liquidity and flexibility. Imagine it's the 27th day of the month, I got 2 satellites in production, and an Terror Mission pops up. I have just build the OTS but I got no credits left for Squad Size I (or Carapace armor or some very important item). I'll cancel 1 of the satellites to get back the credits to buy Squad Size I, and the monetary gain (200§) is enough to reorder afterwards the 2nd satellite and to make up for the funding that you won't be receiving in the next month from the 2nd country. The difference is that you were able to take that Terror mission better prepared (and the following ones). Hobbes 14:24, 2 December 2012 (EST)

Hey there - your guide mentions that you should hire lots of new troops after Iron Will/New Guy, and that the player should consider screening them for Psi abilities before deciding to keep them. Everything I have read indicates that Will, which grows with rank and experience, is a major factor in determining Psi capability. Shouldn't players wait to test recruits until after they have gained a few ranks and an appreciable will score (like 80), or even better, once they are maxed out? --Alloutwar 14:42, 3 April 2013 (EDT)

  • Psionic_(EU2012) From my experience, it's near entriely random: dumping my early (and at that point, maxed out) soldiers through Testing only gets one or two. Presumably, in which of the 3 slots, and with who else, has an effect. And Save State abuse can get you three-for-three every time. I preferred staring Psi newbies as squaddies, since Mindfray doesn't rely on aim, and kills with Mindfray count as EXP to Soldier Rank, as well asPsi Level. --Xuncu 07:44, 6 April 2013 (EDT)
It's not entirely random, Will is indeed a factor, but you'll find it's a lot quicker to test and discard squaddies than to level troops up for a higher chance and then throw away that effort for the ones that don't test positive. Binkyuk 15:59, 8 April 2013 (EDT)
Also, note that soldiers given as Council rewards will always be 1 level below your highest rank (so, Majors, once you get someone to Colonel), and will not benefit from Iron Will, so they'll be fairly bad for Psionic purposes. If you (somehow) have some potentally good rookies with your stariting batch of soldiers, you'll want to save them from fighting untill you buy Iron Will (and buy that before New Guy) as to benefit the most from/for Will leveling. Also, one of the other writers decided it wasn't good enough to keep in what I wrote for the Psi page, but I reccomend getting some paper, like college-rule lined paper, one (half-page) for each class, and keep a list, since the in-game Barracks list kinda sucks. I list them by gender, first initial, last name (I didn't feel like writing the whole name, and cuz I wanted something I could write with one gesture, instead of ♂ and ♀, it ended up being 6 and 9, and I didn't realise the sex joke untill several hours of doing that), HP, and starting Will/Aim scores (a good median is 65 Will, 75 aim, but don't go lower than 60/70, and keep anyone who's over 70/80 in either stat (unless the other stat really sucks. I've had as bad as 75/55, and 29/88)(and I call anyone who was +70/+80 in both will & aim my "Ubers". My best Uber was like 75/89, and ended with like 141/130)). On my Impossible run, I made sure to have enough room to write down their Will/Aim as they leveled, so any other I raise in that class I can see are doing well or not once I had enough to guess averages, as well as made a note if they had unusually high movement. I've had squaddies that walked better than some of my colonels could dash. With Iron Will, Will upgrades are between 2 and 12 points, and aim depended on class, like Heavies, even with Hidden Potential, didn't always get anything at all to Aim, while Snipers could et hella-high Aim upgrades (such as that ridiculously high 141/130 Sniper. Hell, that's better than most of the 'cheat code' soldiers!) --Xuncu 05:11, 9 April 2013 (EDT)

The other Wikia has some good guides, as well, including a Month-By-Month mission list: --Xuncu 07:44, 6 April 2013 (EDT)