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The Item list displayed here is not correct. Transfer.dat uses the exact same rec# found in base.dat. The list on this page only goes to 82, but in reality it should go up to 95.

- pjlasl 03/08/2011

A correction to offsets 4-5 for crafts. The reference to GEODATA.dat is incorrect. It is a little more complicated to identify the craft. Here is how it works: in my game I transferred my SkyRanger from base1 to base2. the TRANSFER.dat file shows the value 01 at offset 0x04. If we go by the instructions on the page, 01 = lightning. You have to do some work before you can get the GEODATA.dat translation. Here is how you identify it as a skyranger correctly.

The transfer.dat shows 01. This value is a pointer to the 2nd record in the loc.dat file. Remember the loc.dat record is 20 bytes long so just use the formula (20 * xx) to find the correct offset. After we find the correct place in the loc.dat file the value 02 tells us this is a x-com ship record. according to loc.dat the next offset value (00) tells us the position in the craft.dat file. In the craft.dat file the first offset 0x00 tells us the craft type = SKYRANGER.

transfer.dat 0x04 = 01

loc.dat (0x20 * 01) validates this is a x-com ship (02)
loc.dat (0x20 * 01) + 1 = 00
craft.dat (0x00 * 00) = 00

- pjlasl 03/08/2011

Offset 5 is always 0, though Hatfarm has tried setting it to 1, but with weird results. Possible that it is the high byte for the reference at offset 4. -- Confirmed high byte --Volutar 09:24, 15 April 2011 (EDT)