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I suspect the continent bonuses are factually inaccurate. Currently, they read as follows: North America (Air and Space): All aircraft and aircraft weapons cost 70% less to purchase, build and maintain. Europe (Expert Knowledge): Laboratories and Workshops cost 60% less to build and maintain. Asia (Future Combat): All projects in the Foundry and Officer training school cost 60% less. South America (Power to the People): Power Facilities cost 60% of their regular cost to build and maintain. Africa (All In): 30% extra funding.

However, starting in NA an interceptor costs $140. That looks a lot more like "70% of 200" than it does of "30% of 466.67". I think (all?) of these should be written as "cost 70% of the original value", not "70% less." Or, in more standard English, subtract the number from 100 and use that as the "percent less" (30% for NA's bonus).

Edit: Resolved.