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EDIT: this page becomes a mess when not formatted properly

Engine Stats:

Standard (E1)- $1000, X2Y2, Spd:10, Wt:75  
Deluxe   (E2)- $1500, X2Y2, Spd:11, Wt:100
Sports   (E3)- $2000, X2Y2, Spd:12, Wt:140
Turbo    (E4)- $3500, X2Y4, Spd:13, Wt:190
Elite    (E5)- $5000, X4Y4, Spd:14, Wt:240
Special  (E6)- $7000, X4Y4, Spd:15, Wt:180

Hoverbike: Wt=100kg

Empty(Load) + E1 = Spd:14(14),Accel:5(4)
Empty(Load) + E2 = Spd:15(15),Accel:10(7)
Empty(Load) + E3 = Spd:16(16),Accel:10(10)

Hovercar: Wt=700kg

Empty(Load) + E3 = Spd:12(12),Accel:4(3)
Empty(Load) + E4 = Spd:13(13),Accel:8(7)
    • more than 110kg from clean, acceleration will drop by 1 point (using SD Turbo)

Valkyrie: Wt=3000kg

Empty(Load) + E4 = Spd:13(13),Accel:2(2)
Empty(Load) + E5 = Spd:14(14),Accel:4(4)
Empty(Load) + E6 = Spd:15(15),Accel:10(9)
    • more than 20kg from clean, acceleration will drop by 1 point (using SD Special)
    • accel will decrease again if vehicle weighs over 3550kg (using SD Special)

Hawk: Wt=5000kg

Empty(Load) + E5 = Spd:14(14),Accel:3(2)
Empty(Load) + E6 = Spd:15(15),Accel:6(5)
  • more than 150kg from clean, acceleration will drop by 1 point (using SD Special).


  • TOP SPEED does not drop!
  • having the best engine with the best weapon loadout almost always will drop the acceleration down by one point.
  • using multiple small shields on large terran craft can sometimes drop acceleration values again by 1 point.


  • Bolter Laser - 50
  • Lancer Laser - 80
  • Rendor Plasma - 70
  • Lineage Plasma - 95
  • Janitor Missile - 70
  • Prophet Missile - 70
  • Disruptor Missile - 120
  • Cargo/Pass. Module - 50
  • Small Shield - 80
  • Fusion Powerfuel - ?? (irrelevant?)

Are these the speeds for ships while under computer control? Or just the numbers listed in the information screens? As far as I can remember, when vehicles are under manual control, you can reach top speeds regardless of the total weight of the aircraft. Also, just to help the formatting a little, I changed the list to unformatted plain text. - NKF
yeah, it has to be because you cannot control more than one at a time. yes, numbers are from the info screen. i did a test of speeds using Apoc'D editor. WHoa! I love the 45 speed for the hoverbike. Anyways, I do think the we all got shafted with the craft not reaching absultue capaable speeds, but oh well!

GOOD JOIB on the formatting. My brain diarehha and spelling can be shocking when I can't write fast enuf to keep up with my head. LOL! No, I m not crazy (I hope).

A small fact about top speeds I noticed: each vehicle that has a total weight (=including equipment) of less than 350 receives a +4 bonus to it's top speed.