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Vehicle breakdown/resale profit

I was watching a 'Let's Play' on YouTube and was reminded of the game flaw, where you can buy a vehicle for $9000, and then sell the equipment and ammo back for $3000, and then the vehicle itself for $7500 or so - basically the profit margin for stripping down a vehicle.

Would it be acceptable to add a column to this vehicle table, indicating total resale value in parts? Or should that go elsewhere? I'm not sure that it's cheating any more than stun raids and such...

Stun raids are whole different level of exploitation. This is practically business, heh. A resale value of standard-issue parts would be certainly be handy to have, but keep in mind that the price does change. Perhaps a min and max column? -NKF 00:32, 4 April 2013 (EDT)
I don't think there's any problem documenting single player cheats and exploits, since it's entirely the player's decision to use them or not and the only person it affects is themself. Feel free. Binkyuk 07:52, 4 April 2013 (EDT)
The exploit you're referring to is the free ammo/fuel bug. It's a property of the vehicle's equipment, not the vehicle.

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