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Have some people had success with storing their extra troops inside an APC to protect them in case the roof collapses on them? That's about the only use I can think of for the APC unless someone else has clever ideas for it.

But doesn't the vehicle get destroyed if the building collapses, o' Nameless one, or do I remember incorrectly? And don't agents still count as being inside a building if they are in a vehicle inside the building, although it wouldn't matter if the collapse kills the vehicle...

-Karp 21:57, 1 September 2008 (PDT)
Yeah, it'll crash and burn if a building falls on it. Otherwise, I quite enjoy the Wolfhound strictly as a shuttle service for heading to city missions (can't go to crash sites though). In my last few attempts at the game, I hang onto the free Wolfhound until I replace everything with interdimensional ships. It's a bit of a laid-back troop transport. The one that takes its time to get to a drop site while all the ships are out fighting. I use it to mark a building the moment it gets infested (i'll have to re-mark it with some other vehicle as it'll auto-return once I clear the site). This way a secondary squad of agents will be on their way to the site while the invasion is still in progress, and not have to worry about the UFOs as they'll be long gone by the time the APC gets there. Your main squad in the Valkyrie or Hawk will obviously head out to clear the other sites once the UFOs have left. Infestation of nearby buildings shouldn't happen that quickly, so the APC has plenty of time to get there. It's not the most efficient way to do it - I could just use another Hawk or a hovercar with storage module, but it's more fun this way. -NKF 00:28, 2 September 2008 (PDT)