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Hi, I have some requests/questions:

1) Could someone please upload Battlescape upper and lower level floorplan views of all the base modules? Probably less than half the modules have any Battlescape floorplan pictures, and most of the ones that do are for the upper level. When laying out my base it's nice to be able to know what the LOWER level corridors are going to look like! Finding out the actual layout details DURING the battle (using Battlescape) is obviously too late! Having these pictures on the Wiki would be very helpful.

2) To confirm: are the ONLY indestructible modules the Access Lift, Hangar, General Stores, and Living Quarters? Can all the other modules be destroyed from base defense combat?

3) During base assaults, do HWP's always appear in General Stores? Do Soldiers always appear in Living Quarters?

4) Does anyone know if aliens go out of their way to destroy base facilities, or do they just seek/destroy soldiers defending the base?

5) I see there's a unique connection for a Hangar module on its northeast corner facing north... if I connect the rest of my base to that point, it looks like I could defend that single hangar door easier than any other connection -- particularly the usual method of connecting via the Access Lift. Is my thinking correct?

6) Regarding the Base Disjoint Bug, do Hangar modules (being 2x2) suffer from this bug as well?




Hi Eric, I'm in the middle of putting up the graphics for the base modules, sorry that it had just been the top level, I'll get round to the lower levels when I've next got a few spare minutes. As for the rest of your questions, I could answer, but it would just be speculative - I'd guess that some of the other users would have more detailed answers to those! :o) ---- Phoenix 18 April 2006 09:31 BST

2) I can only remember the Hangar and Access lift being indestructable. Other players, like Zombie, have done some extensive research with destroying the other modules. I seem to remember that I have destroyed living quarters before - but I don't know if this was due to an adjacent module collapsing it or whether it was destroyed by itself. We'll need to do a bit more research on this one.

3) Soldiers will appear in any free spawn node location, with the priority going from Soldier/HWP spawn nodes to any free alien spawn nodes (if all friendly spawn nodes are used up). HWPs are a bit more selective, and only appear in spawn points put in HWP closets (usually found in General Stores or quarters) or in spawn nodes along the corridors. It's safe to say that soldiers and tanks will frequently appear in the quarters and stores because there are quite a number of nodes in them.

4) The aliens are only after your soldiers. Not the base. Any damage done to the base itself is done by way of flukes or accidents.

5) Well, it depends. I can visualise it working as a shield that closes behind any enemy units that walk through so that you don't get any reaction fire from an alien hidden in the dark hangars. However it prevents you from having a clear path for firing a pre-emptive blaster bomb or large rocket into the hangar. It's really up to you though.

6) Yes, but only along the entrances that touch the edges of the map - where individual modules get sealed off. Namely the entrance with the door and the far entrance on the left side of the module. Two hangars placed along either edge of the base will have no access trouble.