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Rank Ability
XCOM2 rank squaddie.png
{{{Squaddie1}}} {{{Squaddie2}}} {{{Squaddie3}}}
{{{Subclass1}}} {{{Subclass2}}}
XCOM2 rank lieutenant.png
Lance Corporal
{{{LCorporal1}}} {{{LCorporal2}}} {{{LCorporal3}}}
XCOM2 rank sergeant.png
{{{Corporal1}}} {{{Corporal2}}} {{{Corporal3}}}
XCOM2 rank captain.png
{{{Sergeant1}}} {{{Sergeant2}}} {{{Sergeant3}}}
XCOM2 rank major.png
Staff Sergeant
{{{StaffSgt1}}} {{{StaffSgt2}}} {{{StaffSgt3}}}
XCOM2 rank colonel.png
Tech Sergeant
{{{TechSgt1}}} {{{TechSgt2}}} {{{TechSgt3}}}
XCOM2 rank commander.png
{{{GunSgt1}}} {{{GunSgt2}}} {{{GunSgt3}}}
XCOM2 rank fieldmarshall.png
Master Sergeant
{{{MSgt1}}} {{{MSgt2}}} {{{MSgt3}}}

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Template documentation(for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
{{Class Tree (LW2)|

Perks should be in the following format:

{{Perk Name (LW2)| b_name = 1 | b_descr = 1 | b_info = 1 | b_table = 1}}
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