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Template Documentation

This CombatID template is designed to allow setting up a selection of image tiles for comparison or quizzing to help with battlefield identification of PirateZ foes.

The template is set up to display a grid four tiles high, and four wide that may be customized and arranged however the user desires. Hovering over the tiles will display a popup of the unit name.


The easiest way to include it in your article is to copy the following:


Tile Sets:

Replace "Grid" with the following possible entries:

Major Factions

Minor Factions

Sample Layouts

Academy Forces
Grid AcademyMedic Academician Grid
Grid AcademyProvost AcademyEngineer Grid
Grid AcademyEsper AcademyExplorer Grid
Grid AcademySecurity AcademySecurity Grid

Collapsed Table: Trader Forces
TraderGuildHostess TraderGuildRep TraderGO Grid
TraderAirSailor TraderPestControl TraderEngineer Grid
TraderBodyGuard TraderGuildMaster TraderSecurity Grid
Grid Grid Grid Grid


If you have already completed your layout and the rest consists of grid blocks, just close off the braces. All remaining entries that are not filled in at the end will default to grid blocks. Entering {{CombatID}} by itself for example will generate a 4×4 block of grid.