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Name Health Bonus
Health Bonus
Tech Prerequisites
Cost Black Market Sell Value
Black Market Value
Alien Alloys
XCOM2 Inv Flame Sealant.png
Ceramic Plating
+2 Ablative XCOM starts with an unlimited supply
XCOM2 Inv Nano Fiber Sark.png
Alloy Plating
+3 Ablative Alloy Plating 1 1x ADVENT Trooper Corpse 5
XCOM2 Inv Heat Absorption.png
Chitin Plating
+4 Ablative Chitin Plating 2 1x Chryssalid Corpse 10
LW2 Inv Power Armor512.png
Carapace Plating
+5 Ablative Carapace Plating 3 1x Muton Elite Corpse 12