Temple of Sirius (Apocalypse)

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The Cult Of Sirius builds temples to worship the superior Alien master race. It is rumored that these temples contain altars where bizarre rituals take place.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia



  • Temple Of The Apocalypse
  • Temple Of The Millenium
  • Temple Of The Visitors
  • Temple Of Humility
  • Temple Of Sanity
  • Temple Of Doom

Alien Infiltration Potential: Average

Battlescape Combat

Indoor church-like terrain with large rooms seperated by weak walls, doors in some corners and some with small tunnels underneath.
The rooms are not complicated and offer many areas of cover. The divider walls are easily destroyed and allows a more direct route for long range weapons. Maximum height is four levels so flying is not important. Tunnels offer the better movement option since open areas above may allow missiles to fly cleanly or your troops to be flanked by the cultists.
Zealots and guns!

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