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"If you die, everything in your locker is mine. Especially the embarrassing stuff." -Terminal

Terminal is a human former Resistance combat medic and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Terminal's parents died in the initial invasion, forcing her to flee with her uncle to a relocation camp. After he died of disease, she was adopted by a doctor who had lost her only daughter in the invasion. She developed an interest in medicine herself and apprenticed in her adoptive mother's medical clinic for years, but ultimately was orphaned again after their town was destroyed by one of ADVENT's punitive assaults. When resistance forces pulled her out of the rubble, she offered her services as a combat medic, saving hundreds of lives during the war. She was initially rejected by Reclamation due to concerns about her psychological stability, but following regular psionic probing that confirmed that she was fit to serve she was assigned to Chimera Squad.

Terminal is the squad's medic, giving her a critical role in keeping her allies in fighting shape- while her inital healing ability is roughly equivalent to a Medikit's, it can be deployed at long range and also grants bonus defense to its recipient. Though somewhat fragile herself, Terminal also has surprisingly good Aim in case she needs to take a more active role in a firefight.

Rank Ability
Cadet Safeguard
Terminal sends the Gremlin to an ally to restore 4 HP, cleanse burning, acid and poison, and grant 20 defense. Does not end turn.
Gremlin Stabilize

Stops an agent from bleeding out. Can be used from long range.

Hack Door
Terminal can use her Gremlin to open secure doors for breaches.
Deputy Agent Refresh
The Gremlin heals all allies at this breach point for 2 HP. One use per mission.
Field Agent Sustain
If Terminal takes enough damage to begin bleeding out, she is instead reduced to 1 HP and immediately enters Stasis for 1 turn. One use per mission.
Pin Down
Terminal shoots non-damaging suppressive fire at a target to push their turn down the timeline. 2 turn cooldown.
Special Agent Cooperation
Terminal coordinates with a nearby unimpaired ally to grent them an immediate bonus action. 3 turn cooldown..
Senior Agent Armor System
Safeguard provides +1 Armor to the protected unit.
Terminal heals to full at the end of every encounter.
Principal Agent Second Wind

The Gremlin heals the whole squad, curing negative status effects and stabilizing downed allies. One use per mission.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+1 utility item slot.

Training (Principal Agent) Guardian

Overwatch triggers for multiple targets, as long as ammo is available.